Finding The Best Motorcycle GPS System Automobile and Motorcycle

It’s just as easy to get lost while driving a motorcycle as it is while driving a car…but most GPS systems are not made for motorcycle riding. If you’re tired of driving in circles, check out these tips on finding the best motorcycle GPS system.


First and foremost, if you ride hard, your motorcycle GPS system has to ride hard too. You need a unit that is tougher than one for automobiles. While some companies are now making GPS systems specifically for motorcycle riding, it’s important to read consumer reviews and ensure your GPS can survive a drop off of your bike as well as handle the vibration of your bike.


Generally you will mount your GPS either to your bike’s brake or clutch bracket, so you need a GPS system that can be mounted with longer bolts or with a U-bolt clamp. If you really like one particular GPS system, but it doesn’t come with these mounting options, there are also third-party mounts that work with a wide variety of systems.


Because you’re riding out in the open, with no protection from the sun, look for a system with some kind of shield that will surround and shade the screen for optimum viewing. On the other end of the spectrum, the screen should be bright enough that you can see it on cloudy days.


If you can’t see the screen you should at least be able to hear your system, right? Some motorcycle GPS systems will actually come with a Bluetooth headset that can work with a Bluetooth-enabled helmet, so you can always hear what the next direction is.


All of the above factors are moot if you can’t use your system. Look for systems that have touch screens operable by the left or right hand with gloves on, as well as systems that are just plain easy to use and operate! If you’ve heard that a system uses outdated software or is difficult to use for what you need, move on to the next.

Kick the Tires

Just like you’d want to “kick” the motorcycle tires on a bike before you bought it, consider trying out a few models before you buy one that you like. Maybe ask a friend with one if you can borrow it, or purchase one with a 30-day return policy. Follow these tips and you’ll find the best motorcycle GPS system for riding.